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secret messages in bus stops 2

Question of the week - Tourists

Posted by lmx_v3point3 on 2011.07.05 at 16:42


jesco0307 at 2011-07-05 21:05 (UTC) (Link)
The god (or bad, depends on your angle) thing is that the words you mention are very similar in the languages - Danish and Norwegian are very close when written, but sound very different, Swedish sounds close to Norwegian but writes completely different.

And yes, Norwegians love practicing their English. I have a Spanish colleague and she has problems speaking Norwegian, but I hear other colleagues talk to her in English all the time.

I think the problem with educating foreign languages is that school alone isn't enough. I had 8 years English in school, but got first comfortable after I moved to Norway and a) practiced more and b) started hearing it every day watching TV.

Now I work all my languages in my head everyday: Norwegian at work and whenever I meet people, German at home with hubby and the kids (we're very strict with that) and English in my head (where my fanfic lives, lol).
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