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secret messages in bus stops 2


Posted by lmx_v3point3 on 2013.07.28 at 15:57
So I'm really sorry everyone, this place has been dead forever now. Thanks to those who are still around - (or well done for being too lazy to remove a dead community!) - and I'm hoping to resurrect the weekly culture exchange, if anyone's interested.

If you have some new friends or acquaintances on LJ that you think would be able to add something, or use the help and advice here, please pass on the link to the Instruction Page.

In the mean time, I hope you're all writing and reading and having a jolly good time whereever you are!

LMX @ ILC_exchange

Is there anyone around who speaks Spanish? I'm writing a fic and have a few words/sentences that are spoken in Spanish. I tried my luck with an online dictionary, but I would rather have someone who actually speaks Spanish help me out!

So, let me know...or if you know someone who does, point me in their direction. 


Hi All,

I passed a group of Chinese tourists yesterday on my way home, staring at what I consider to be one of the less interesting buildings in Northampton. So, today's question is about tourists -

Is there one country/city/group of people that is the main tourist import into your part of the world? What do they come to you to see? What do you consider your tourist attraction? What's the hidden gem that isn't in any of the guidebooks?

Is language a big issue for tourists where you are (or accents so broad they're incomprehensible...)?

So, someone pointed me to this comm and here I am.

I'm closing in on a round birthday next year - so I'm still 39 - and live in Norway. I'm German, but hubby and I decided 11 years ago that we wanted to experience something different for a couple of years (2-3 was the plan).

2 kids and a house later it doesn't look like we're gonna move back any time soon - the kids feel Norwegian despite their passports saying they're German as well.

I speak three languages (German, Norwegian and English) and might remember a few words French. As for seeing other countries, I've been to Sweden, Denmark, Finland, UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, France, Spain, Luxembourg, Canada, USA (California) and Kenya (my parents lived their for 4 years).

More? I have a job and two kids under the age of ten (soon to be 4 and 8 to be exact), so spare time? Not so much. The little I have is probably spent on the Internet. The little thing called Live Journal takes a lot of my time ;).

Just ask if you want to know more!

Hello ILC Exchange,

My question for you all today is on sport.

In the UK rock climbing is a real avid sport, because we have a hugely varied selection of rock and rock formations. Most of the geared climbing originated here, so we are pretty proud of our climbing traditions. That said, if anyone was asked our country sport, they'd probably say football or rugby.

What is your country/town's hidden sport passion? Are you involved in that sport? Tell us something exciting about it.

secret messages in bus stops 2

Adding a topic

Posted by lmx_v3point3 on 2011.06.28 at 16:29
Hi All,

Apologies for my long absence, just reminding you all that this community is here and that you're welcome to ask questions of the comm. or contact people who have the specific knowledge that you need at any time.

I've just finished my PhD, so if anyone is writing for Charles Xavier at the moment and wants to know how a UK PhD in the sciences is carried out, I can tell you all about it. And I've moved to Northampton (hometown of Matt Smith!) recently, just in case you wanted to set something in this strange little English Midlands town.

Otherwise I'll be back in a couple of days with another generic question to get you all thinking about your home countries and towns again. Look forward to hearing from you!

LMX @ ILC Exchange

A quick introduction from me. My name's Roz, I'm 29 and I live in Wales, UK.

I'm half Iranian, I work in the car insurance industry dealing with personal injury claims, and I'm also a part time cake decorator. *points to icon* e.g. the one in my icon was my first wedding cake. I do love talking about baking so any questions just gimme a shout.

I've visited quite a few European/close to Europe countries - Italy, France, Spain, Greece, Tunisia, Turkey, and I speak a little French and a teeny tiny bit of Welsh too. I'm quite familiar with London and Bath as I have friends living there and visit both quite regularly.

I like long walks on the beach... Ha ha no, that's not only a joke, it's also a lie. I hate walking. If I could get my hubby to drive me everywhere I totally would!

Sadly, many of my exes and my husband all loved horror films so I have more knowledge about those than I'd like to or will ever need. My mum was a hairdresser so I have some experience with that too... anything else... nope I think that's it.

Nice to meet you all :D

secret messages in bus stops 2


Posted by lmx_v3point3 on 2010.10.28 at 05:33
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Hi there guys,

Just to let you know of a brand new affiliation:

on_culture is an excellent community that gives facts aplenty on culture from all over the world. Check out the fantastic information contained on the site - it's a real treasure trove!


PS: If you know of any great external resources and you're willing to share your hard-won sources, please pass them on, using the 'external resources' tag. If you know of sites who might be up for affiliation, let me know here.


The idea of this group is to get people together from all over the world, talking about the places they live and the languages they speak, and asking and answering questions about other peoples languages and cultures.

When you first join up ('Join this community' button in the top banner), use the 'Post To This Community' button (in the top banner) to place a post on the board telling us where you're from - you can be as vague or as precise as you like, but don't give us your address! If you need some inspiration, you can see some other introduction posts. Tell us what you like to talk about and anywhere you have visited as a tourist you think you could give a tourist's eye view to. Then ask your questions of the other members of the community by posting and keep an eye out for questions you think you could answer!

If you have any questions, ideas, comments or suggestions, please post them HERE. I'm going to be away for a while, but I will get to these questions as soon as I can!

Meanwhile, it's up to you guys to get this community moving, get it full of people and make it into a real resource for all of us. The only way this is going to work is by getting people together from all over the world, so please, please pass the journal on and get people involved! Challenge yourself to find out how many people you know from outside your country, then go and ask if they're willing to get involved. Know another writer? Get them over here! Have access to a university or school campus? Get a flier up on the walls!

Thank you in advance for joining up, sharing your knowledge and sharing your curiosity!

So today's question came out of a conversation regarding accents on TV, especially those spoken by someone who is not from the relevant country/region.

cut for ramblingCollapse )Do you know of any place that seems invisible to the casting desk? Or to the script writers, or literary geniuses out there? Any accent that almost never appears outside of that specific area? Any accent that's consistently mis-represented (ie Asian/African/European accents from the wrong part of the relevant continent)?

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